Monday, August 12, 2019

Out-of-the-box boutonnières, and why they deserve a spot at your wedding!

After looking into the intricate designs of bouquets last time, we decided we would show a little love to the boys today and look into the world of boutonnières. 

People are expecting a simple flower design for the men on the wedding day, but there is no rule saying they cannot be a little spontaneous. We have compiled some more expressive and decorative boutonnières that, if included at your wedding, can draw eyes and wow your guests, completing the groomsmen's looks.

On the surface, you may think this boutonnière is your average boutonnière, just with a little more floral added to it. However, if you look closely, you will see a favorite accent piece of ours here at MasterPiece - succulents! A few succulents added to a boutonnière brings greenery and dimension to the average boutonnière. It also fills out a coat pocket, which will create an overall more complete look.

One of the cons of having real flowers at weddings is how they can wilt as the day goes on or easily break. A great way to get around that without sacrificing the aesthetic of it is with paper flowers. This paper flower design retains the elegance and simplicity of real flowers without the mess or worry. It takes things a step further with a metallic finish. Definitely do not underestimate all of the cool ways you can tailor paper flowers to your wedding theme!

This one is for all of our book lovers out there! This bridal party incorporated book pages into their boutonnières. If you would wish to use this, we recommend choosing something sentimental - a favorite book, a book on love, or even a book that brought you two together! DIY these guys to ensure a great conversation starter at your wedding.

Now, this one is out-of-the-box cool. We know there are a lot of brides and grooms very into world travel. If you happen to be one of them, do not shy away from bringing your travels into your ceremony decor - including your boutonnières! This map-infused boutonnière is simply to die for, and it is a perfect mixture of personality and aesthetics. We highly encourage you to consider adding this to your wedding (and if you do, let us know)!

Alright beer enthusiasts, this boutonnière is for you! For any outdoor, barn, or rustic weddings, as well as craft beer ceremonies, we HIGHLY recommend incorporating hops flowers. To the trained eye, they tie the theme together while delighting onlookers with vibrant green color. Add in a few cat tails or wheat stalks, and you have yourself a natural and craft-y boutonnière look!

Who knew a shotgun shell casing could be so elegant? We are absolutely amazed at how unique this boutonnière design is and, frankly, we would love to congratulate its maker for thinking of it in the first place. Let this casing boutonnière serve as inspiration for your future wedding. Even if you do not go for the shell look, do not be afraid to turn everyday objects into sweet boutonnière creations! 

But seriously, to all of our florist friends, and especially those who have done a shotgun shell casing boutonnière before, we just want to know - how do we attach these???

Thanks for reading, and we encourage you to tell us in the comments which of these are your favorites, as well as if you have done anything similar in your own weddings. Happy planning!