Friday, August 31, 2012

In Remembrance of Loved Ones

As hard as it is to lose a loved one, we still found a way to make sure that they're there in attendance on that special day. We thought these were such meaningful ways to signify those that are still, and always in our hearts!

For this first one, you just need a few small picture frames to do the trick!

Pinned Image
Via Pinterest
This way, everyone really is there to walk you down the aisle!

And for the next one we found, all you need is one of dad's old shirts and someone who knows how to sew.

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Via Pinterest

We thought that these were just too precious, and so thoughtful. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Using Succulents in Bouquets

Have you ever thought about using succulents as your bouquet? Check out this complete succulent bouquet we found!

Succulent Bouquet via Alexian Events
Gorgeous, right?! We love how modern they look. And the best part is, you could bring it home and plant it after the wedding! It's a great, fun way to make your bouquet last forever.

If you don't like the look of a total succulent bouquet, try just incorporating a few plants in with your bright flowers. They hold up amazing in the heat and give it such a unique and lush look!

Succulent Bouquet via Alexian Events
What do you think? Would you use these as your unique touch?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Technology and Weddings

Since most of us are glued to our cell phones and flock to any new technology out there, we decided to talk about some of the most unique and fun ways we found to incorporate technology into your wedding. Not only can they add to your guests' overall experience, but they can give you and your hubby incredible memories of this special day.

Wedit sends the wedding couple 5 HD cameras in the mail 3 days before the wedding weekend. The couple passes them out to wedding guests to record all the fun festivities, and the couple returns the cameras to Wedit to edit. Wedit then edits the footage into a video! What a fun way for guests to share their unique memories and perspectives of your wedding!

Wedit via The Gift Insider

Wedding Snap is another cool way to capture all your guests different experiences. It's a great way for couples to get a scrapbook of memories and engage guests in a fun activity. All your guests have to do is download this app, and you'll automatically get all the photos they take at your wedding collected in an online album from the app! Guests can even upload any digital images they took with their cameras after the event.

Wedding Snap

Would you be interested in using these fun ideas at your wedding? What are some other apps or ways you've seen technology incorporated into a wedding reception?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Unique Table Names

Everyone's seen normal table numbers used at wedding after wedding, right? How about this idea instead?!

Table Signs via The Bridal Closet and Bridezilla
We came across this on Solutions Bridal's Blog - The Bridal Closet and couldn't resist talking about it!

The "We go together like" sign gets put on the head table and then each pairing become the different names for your guest tables. We LOVE this! We would like to add "Peanut Butter and Jelly" and "Milk and Cookies" to the list too! Or "Coffee and Donuts," or "Syrup and Pancakes".... we could keep going! (I may be a little hungry as I'm writing this...)

Make the signs completly personalized to fun things that you both like as a couple. You could even explain the pairing with a cute note on the back for how it applies to your love story.

What would you name your tables? Comment and share with us!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fairytale Wedding Show

Fairytale Wedding Show

We're so excited to be participating in this great event coming up October 21, right here in Gainesville, FL!

The Fairytale Wedding Show is a casual evening soiree where modern Cinderellas and their Prince Charmings can mingle with the best of the best in the wedding industry. We're proud to be one of the elite wedding vendors showcased!

You'll be able to browse and mingle with us and other vendors for your wedding, then take a short flight over Gainesville and see Gator Nation how you've never see it before!

Russell Martin Photography
Don't take our word for it though - check out this fantastic teaser by Platnium Digital Video and amazing images by Russell Martin Photography!

Russell Martin Photography

We can't wait to see you there!

For more information and to get your tickets - visit the website

Monday, August 20, 2012

Orange and Blue Inspiration

Around here we're counting the days until Gator Football returns!

So give a cheer for the Orange and Blue and check out our Inspiration Board sure to put you in the mood to cheer on the Gators and have an awesomely Gator-ific wedding too!

Pretzel Sticks, Groom, Bridesmaids, Table Decor, Gator Card Holder,
Cake, Bouquet, Save the Date

Season starts September 1st! Let's Go Gators!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bridal Shoe Note

We saw this and couldn't help sighing at the complete romance!

Bridal Shoe Note via Ruffled
My heart would melt if my groom did this for me - whose wouldn't?! Wouldn't it be sweet to do it for each other? It's so much more unique than a traditional card. You could even display the pair in your house somewhere with other special keepsakes from your day.

Show Couple via Ruffled
What's the most romantic detail you've seen at weddings?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

To Trash or Not to Trash?

Brides are becoming more and more creative and their wedding photos are reflecting it! Something becoming increasingly popular is the "Trash Your Dress" pictures!

This is perfect for brides that don't have a sentimental attachment to their dress or want to keep it boxed in the back of their closet for years.

Usually, brides want to take pictures like this... 
 But occasionally there are some that are more adventurous!

Water-skiing Trash the Dress 

And even some downright scary! Gives a whole new meaning to "taking the leap," huh?

Cliff Jump Trash the Dress

How would you trash YOUR dress?

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Golden Needle Bridal Salon

Attention all of our Brides in the Gainesville, Florida area!!!! We have some very exciting news to tell you about!

MasterPiece Weddings has just teamed up with The Golden Needle Bridal Salon in Lake City, Florida and have a fantastic offer for you!

The Golden Needle
We love the Golden Needle Bridal Salon - besides over 25 years of experience and a gorgeous extensive collection of Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses and Tuxedos, they include FREE alterations with your purchase! That's right - making your gown fit perfectly included at no extra cost! This goes for your bridesmaids and groomsmen as well!

If that's not enough, they're offering MasterPiece Weddings' Brides an exclusive offer: Our brides receive 40% off of any in-stock Bridal Gown! Amazing, right?!

The Golden Needle
And check out this great new event at the Salon! On every 1st Saturday of the month, they are hosting "Saturday's Say Yes to the Dress!"

For brides that call and book appointments for that first Saturday, a photographer will be on hand, capturing all the special moments that come while shopping for your dream dress. And, with the purchase of your gown, you'll get a complimentary Veil or Tiara! So fun, right?

The Golden Needle
We know that you want to know more! Visit their Facebook Page and Blog or call 386-755-6116 to book your appointment!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Married Wedding Signs

To finish off this week of DIY signs, we are featuring "Just Married" signs!

Pretty much every girl has invisioned what it would be like to drive away after her wedding in a car with the man of your dreams. Adding a "just married" sign let's the world be excited for you and continue your celebration of marriage. This sign can also add a great opportunity for a unique photo opportunity when your driving away. You can even incorporate your wedding theme into the sign!

Here are some cute "just married signs" we found.

Just Married Sign

Jeep Sign

What's the most unique "just married" sign you've ever seen?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fun Directional Wedding Signs

Directional sign at any wedding can be extremely useful to eliminate guest confusion and keep your wedding progressing smoothly. It's always a good idea to incorporate signage into your wedding, but why not have a little fun with it!

Here are some funny and sweet signs we found that you can take ideas from. Making signs that are are unique can add personality to your wedding and can help your guests truely experience who you and your hubby are!



Have any weddings you've been to had fun signs?

Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY Wedding Signs

This week's inspiration is DIY wedding signs! Whether it's directional signs to help guests know where to go or a sweet quote that describes love and marriage, signs can really add unique touches that will enhance your guests' overall experience.

With the summer wedding season coming to an end and the beautiful weather that fall brings, outdoor wedding are very popular, and what better way to add a unique detail to a wedding then with a fun sign!

Hashtag Sign

Here is a way to incorporate a non-traditional guestbook into your wedding and have a fun activity for guests. Have guest send a special message via twitter on their phones with your wedding hashtag that your sign can display. Afterward, you can print off your guests' tweets and put them in your guestbook. What an unique and interesting idea!

Would you be interested in incorpoating this sign idea at your wedding?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Layered Signature Drinks

I know that we're into August now and the 4th of July's well past, but I came across these drinks and thought that they were the neatest idea!

Layered Drink via Creative Juice

These ones are themed for the 4th of July, but by just using different colored drinks, you could easily customize the look to any wedding color scheme. Ombre' would be a cinch to create! Plus how much fun would it be for you and your fiance to experiment with the tastiest combinations?!

All you need are full glasses of ice and three separate drinks with varying sugar contents. Start pouring the drink with the highest amount of sugar first.

For the full DIY instructions - click here

I can wait to head to the grocery store and try this one out for myself!

What do you all think - what drink flavors would you use?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Coffee

My love of Starbucks is not a secret to anyone - which is why when I saw this picture I had to talk about it here!!!


Is this not the best idea?! :) When else do you get to have your Starbucks cup say something as cool as that? It's romance in a cup!

They sell the double-insulated cups now too that you can write your usual order on to make them permanent - how awesome would it be to do this as a wedding keepsake for the coffee-loving couple?!

What do you think - wedding day coffee run, anyone?