Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Creative Save-the-Dates

Hi everyone! We're back! We've been completely consumed by Spring Wedding Season around here and our blogging has fallen behind.....BUT - we can't wait to pick right up where we left off! We have such a great time blogging about the fun, unique and memorable ideas we come across and are over-the-moon when you comment and share your experiences too! Keep them coming! :)

First up: FUN Save-the-Dates!

Save-the-Dates are a great way to get your guests to remember that your wedding is coming up. Why not do something different to make your date stick in their head, and get them even more pumped for your big day?! We just can't get enough of these unique save-the-date ideas!

Please Inflate and Save the Date

via Weddings Illustrated
Isn't this just so cool?! Not only is it an interactive save-the-date idea, but you could even incorporate balloons into the decor on your big day as well!

Don't Forget to Pencil Us In!

via Etsy
This one is so unique, yet so simple! (And gives the guests no excuse to not write down the date right then and there!)

Photobooth Fun

via Pinterest
Who doesn't love a good photobooth? What a great way to capture your personalities for such a fun save-the-date! Then, have a fun photo booth at your wedding too!

Do you have any other creative save-the-date ideas? We would love to hear about them!