Friday, March 23, 2012

Using Carnations Beautifully

Carnations are so often passed up for use in weddings in favor of more glamorous options - but they shouldn't be! I'm here to stand up for carnations everywhere and tell you that when used right, they can create beautiful bouquets, centerpieces and decor at your wedding.

Carnation Bouquet
They are a great inexpensive option that really give you that full and soft look. I love the mix of textures in this bouquet!

If you've loved the ombre' look we've been talking about all week, here's an example of how carnations make the perfect flower for this type of event.

Carnation Centerpiece
They come in any color and in so many different shades that they're perfect for any color palette.

Check out this great cake idea as well:

Carnation Wedding Cake

What do you think? Are you inspired to give carnations a chance at your wedding?

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