Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Unity Tree Planting Ceremony

This Unity Ceremony idea is best for an outdoor ceremony, for obvious reasons. I found it on Every Last Detail and loved it for the idea itself as well as for the symbolism it held for the bride and groom.

Every Last Detail
In her words:

We also put our own spin on the unity part of the ceremony because we both come from divorced and remarried parents. We wanted a way to include everyone and stress that we feel blessed to have had more than just two parents each. This will all make more sense if I explain that the ceremony was held under an ancient Water Oak tree, for which our venue was named. About a month before the ceremony, we collected eight tiny saplings that had sprouted underneath the tree with the hopes that one would survive. Sadly, they all shriveled up almost immediately – that is, until about a week later, when all of the sudden, one tree started sprouting new leaves. By the time the wedding arrived, it was still thriving, so during our ceremony, we planted it by having each parent bring soil from their respective homes. It was really nice to get to give each of them a hug as they brought their soil to the front, and at the end, my groom and I watered it together to finish the planting. (Update: the tree is still going strong two months later!) 

Every Last Detail
The watering can with their initials is incredibly sweet! I absolutely adore the idea that soil was used from each parents' houses. Talk about growing a marriage from love and family! Even if your parents weren't divorced, the idea would work just as easily. You could even include a sample from your new home or siblings, godparents, etc.

Ooh! Then imagine as an anniversary gift down the road a special bench to place by the tree, now fully grown! I LOVE this! :)

What do you think?!

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