Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blush Pink Wedding Gowns

Ever since Jessica Biel chose to say "yes" to pink (and Justin Timberlake) - blush and pink wedding gowns are trending everywhere!

I thought I'd weigh in on this color craze with some images from my favorite blush and pink gowns I've seen.

I love how her white bouquet pops against the color in the gown. It's the perfect dress for a garden wedding! I love the layers with all the flowers!

Blush Gown via Wed Society
Personally, I like pale tones of color for a wedding gown. I think softer color is more romantic and still says "wedding." If the gown's too pink, I feel like it crosses over to sweet 16 territory....but that's just me!

Blush Pink Gown via Elizabeth Anne Designs
Loving all the textures!!

Pink Wedding Gown via Burnett's Boards
Pink Wedding Gown via The Lovely Bohemian
And finally....I simply think this is stunning! Like something out of a novel!

Blush Wedding Gown via Jose Villa

Where do you fall on the color dress question? Are you considering a pink or colored gown for your big day?


  1. I would fall for Pnina Tornia wedding dresses in blush pink texture on my big day. I already decided it when I saw Jessica bell wearing a pink wedding gown on her wedding.

  2. Awesome pink wedding gowns. Like white wedding gowns, pink wedding gowns are also trendy. These all gowns are unique and beautiful.I like all of them. Thanks for sharing the post!!
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