Monday, June 10, 2013

Mason Jar Week: Centerpieces

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that your week is starting out amazingly well!

This week I thought it would be fun to devote our attention to one of the most versatile, easy to use, crafty, customizable products I can think of for weddings - The Mason Jar! You can use them for down home country simplicity, or glam them up for a fancy feel too. They look great with an abundance of wildflowers or overflowing with romantic lush bouquets.

Don't take my word for it though - check out these fantastic ways to use Mason Jars for your centerpieces:

Mason Jar Centerpiece via Do It Yourself Remodeling Ideas
I love how they used the ribbon to tie all of the jars together here. It makes them a unit and creates a much bigger effect in the center of the table. Picture the ribbon in a shimmering color and the look changes completely.

Mason Jar Centerpiece via Style Me Pretty Florida
Here they wrapped each jar separately - it keeps each jar unique and lets them stand out some for a really pretty effect too. I've seen this done with twine, lace, fabric and ribbon - you name it! Pick something that matches the look for your wedding and go for it!

Mason Jar Centerpiece via Pinterest
Doesn't the gold completely glam up the jar?! It's gorgeous as the single focus for the table. Any metallic would give a little shine and dress up the feel of the centerpiece.

Mason Jar Centerpiece via Keith Watson Events & Forage Farms
This last one is from a recent wedding of ours. Lauren and Jeff picked out a combination of mixed jars for wildflowers surrounded by Mason Jars filled with floating candles. It was magic and made all the tables glow at their outdoor reception. Mason Jars make a great choice for candles at outdoor events because of their depth. They keep wind from blowing out the candles as would happen if you used regular votive holders or pillars. Check out their video teaser here to see more of their mason jar details!

However you look at it, Mason Jars can create some stunning centerpieces! Will you be using them at your wedding? Tell us how! And check back in all week for other ways to use them!


  1. Love Mason jars as wedding center pieces. The first photo in particular has a symbolic message...two, together, love, tied together but still 2. Very nice.

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