Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Kim & Scott

Kim and Scott had a beautiful February wedding at the start of this year, with a ceremony at the Baughman Center and a reception at Haile's Plantation Hall. We love the Baughman Center here at Masterpiece Weddings, and see so many couples have lovely ceremonies, and take gorgeous pictures as well! 

Patrick Cayemitte Photography

Kim started off her wedding day getting glammed up by Deborah from Gainesville Wedding Hair, who added beautiful, windswept curls to the brides already stunning red hair. The bride and bridesmaids all wore matching beaded hair clips to finish off the look. 

Patrick Cayemitte Photography

While the bride and groom are enjoying their day and celebrating, Masterpiece Weddings is behind the scenes taking care of the details. Having an experienced set of hands to help lace up a tricky corset dress, properly place (and remove) a veil without messing up a hairstyle, or people ready to open the doors for a big entrance, ensures that your wedding day runs smoothly and none of your guests are shouldered with the extra task. 

Patrick Cayemitte Photography

Patrick Cayemitte Photography

 Another quick tip: in a smaller ceremony venue, the bride and groom may not be speaking their vows into a microphone. While this can create a quiet, intimate moment, it means not everyone will hear the vows as they are made. Couples can display a copy, by their cake for instance, so that anyone who wants to shed an extra tear can take a look at your sweet words during the reception. 

This couple is a great example of how a wedding doesn't have to go over the top to infuse a whole lot of the couple's personality. Everything from choosing unique ceremony music (they chose instrumental tracks from video games they both loved), making sure the DJ takes any and all requests, and taking silly pictures with your wedding party, can all show who a couple really is and make sure the day is tailored to them. Kim and Scott accomplished this perfectly, and their wedding was one to be remembered! We wish the best of luck to the happy couple! 

One more big thanks to our vendors - 
Ceremony - Baughman Center 
Reception - Plantation Hall 
Catering - Limerock Catering 
Photography - Patrick Cayemitte Photography  (and on Instagram at @pc_pixx) 
Cake - Sugar Refined 

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