Friday, July 19, 2019

Courtney & Michael

We are asked often here at MasterPiece Weddings if we do or know how to do Jewish weddings. Take a look at the beautiful wedding of Courtney and Michael, and you will see that the answer is undoubtedly: yes!

Courtney and Michael began their wedding at the Baughman Center, where they took lovely photos roaming the gardens together. On your wedding day, be sure to ask your photographer for some more intimate shots of the two of you to really capture the love from the day.

These bouquets were to die for! Their mixture of fun, vibrant colors and natural beauty added so much life and excitement to the wedding party. Joan Prange outdid herself yet again!

Our friend and make-up extraordinaire Kara Winslow made sure that not a moment went by where Courtney's make-up was not perfect. She worked through the hot Florida heat all day, providing touch-ups and additions. We were in awe of her work! We highly recommend her for your own special day.

The signing of the Ketubah is such a special and intimate moment for Jewish couples. Courtney and Michael's families gathered around as they signed theirs, officially sealing themselves together in Jewish law. We captured their signings here as they stood before their wonderful rabbi, Rabbi Jonathan Cohen.

Rabbi Cohen led Courtney and Michael's family and friends in attendance through the many stages of a Jewish wedding ceremony. Whether they were Jewish or not, he made sure that they understood what was going on and the history behind it. For us, it was a really unique way to experience a ceremony. We came out learning a lot about the Jewish faith, as well as a lot about how Courtney and Michael's journey brought them from college sweethearts to their floral-accented chuppah.

After the ceremony, guests headed over to the Florida Museum of Natural History. While they enjoyed a colorful walk through the museum's famous butterfly garden, we made sure their show-stopping piece for the night was set up: the museum's alternate reality board! Little did guests know, they would be joined by a family of wooly mammoths when they sat down for dinner. What a way to add a little excitement and personality to a wedding, right? Catch me, Rachel, and the museum rentals coordinator, Amber Tison, testing it out here!

Courtney and Michael's first dance was watched by their crowd of guests and the mammoths alike. Here, you can see the lovely detail of Courtney's dress as she swayed with Michael. We are in love with the different fabrics and layers to it. It was the perfect combination of traditional and modern.

We wish the absolute best for this couple of college sweethearts! From the dorm to the aisle, they proclaimed their love to all who saw and got to know them. We were pleased to have the opportunity to know them, and we thank them for letting us share a slice of their special day.

We are grateful to our fantastic vendors for their help:

Make-up: Kara Winslow
Flowers: Joan Prange
Photography: Nikki Rinc Photography
Caterer: Custom Caterers

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